Queens of Geek, by Jen Wilde

I’ve been putting off this review for quite some time because I didn’t know how to rate it. Now that I’ve got this let’s begin.

28245707.jpgQueens of Geek was an AMAZINGLY CUTE book. I mean seriously I think it tops my list for summer reads and that says something. Everything was cute and so SO inspiring.

First thing I want to mention is the representation. Charlie is Chinese and BISEXUAL! *throws confetti* Taylor is autistic (!!) and the details of that are described so incredibly well I was amazed. She also suffers from anxiety and we get a little sneak peak inside the head of someone who goes through this. Also we get f/f romance described just as cheesily and nicely as any other romance.

I completely loved all the main characters. We follow Charlie Taylor and Jamie as they spend their weekend in SupaCon, something that has been a dream for all of them. There they get to face their fears and insecurities and come out victorious. I also loved the fact that all three felt so close to the times we live in and how a 18 year old should be presented. Charlie is a Youtuber, Taylor runs a Tumblr blog and Jamie is a comic geek. Social media is a huge aspect of everyday life and authors often disregard it.

“What do you mean you don’t believe in bisexuals ? They’re not mythical creatures, they’re real people, just like you.”

Moving on to the things or rather thing I didn’t like: Reese. Reese is Charlie’s douche ex-boyfriend who is your typical white male. Privileged and with no idea that he could ever do something wrong. And that is ok, unfortunately, there are lots of people like him out there. What I didn’t like was that as a character, he was reduced to just being there to say problematic stuff so that the others could educate. He was totally flat and I refuse to believe a human being is just that. That there are many aspects to the personality of anyone of us.

If Queens of Geek taught me something is that we should not give up, we should try our hardest, and even if we don’t, sometimes it’s ok.

“I’m surrounded by superheroes. And that means I must be one, too. And everyone knows that, no matter what darkness they face, heroes are destined to win.”

I’m going to leave you with that.


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