Royally Screwed, by Emma Chase



Series: Royally #1

Pages: 276

Format: e-book

Genre: NA, romance


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Nicholas Pembrook is the Crowned Prince of Wessco. He has it all – fame, riches, a castle, a kingdom, a country…. and a pain in the arse little brother who he must go fetch from America. Oh and did I mention the list of girls from which he has to choose a bride? Yeah he also has that.

Olivia Hammond doesn’t have it all. Or she doesn’t have the things she wants. She has debts, a small pie shop which she maintains alone, an alcoholic father and sister who cannot be handled. So officially and with a royal stamp, her personal life is no existent. Zero. Nada. You get the point.

When the arrogant prince steps foot in her little pie shop, neither of them has any idea of the turn their lives are about to take.

I, let’s say, enjoyed this book. It was really fast paced; I could have easily read it in one sitting and it had its laugh out loud moments. BUT unfortunately it was too damn predictable. And that’s the least of it, because if I want to be honest here with a plot like that you know what is going to happen. What really bothered me was that it was so anti climactic. How? I will explain in a second.

Reading a NA romance book we all have certain expectations right? We expect it to be heart wrenching but also set butterflies to our stomachs. We expect to have heart eyes with how sweet the couple is being and when “THE fight” happens (you know which fight I’m talking about) we expect to be filled with rage, throw the book across the wall while shouting “YOU ARE WRONG SHE/HE STILL LOVES YOU! OH MY GOD YOU IDIOT YOU ARE RUINING EVERYTHING!”, and then crumble on the floor and cry. Well at least I do have these expectations.

Royally Screwed royally let me down on this aspect (pun intended #sorrynotsorry). Olivia was a compliant little thing, who always said yes to whatever prince annoying wanted. There was no spark, and the two(!) times they sort of fought (cause I can’t call this a real fight) they immediately made up. She forgave EVERYTHING and always made up excuses for him.

One more thing I didn’t like was the portrayal of Nicholas. OK I get it, you want to portray a male character who doesn’t really care, is arrogant and blah blah so that he can be changed by his one true love. But do you have to make him such an – forgive my language asshole?!??! In the majority of the book the only thing he cared about was his penis and how many times and in which places and how he was going to have sex with Olivia. Come on. I refuse to believe this is how all men think.

Anyway, this is the second book I’ve read of Emma Chase and my thoughts are almost identical for them both, so apparently me and her books do not match. It is very past paced and funny at times as I mentioned, so if you want a read to pass the time, go for it.

My rating:





Have you read it? Did your thoughts match mine?



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