Let’s Wrap it up! July 2017

Hello y’all! I hope your July was AWESOME and you’re enjoying the summer!! I only got a burn once so that’s promising. Anyway, in terms of tv shows/movies, this month I finished season 4 of Shameless US (Ian and Mickey are my children PROTECT AT ALL COSTS) and watched another 50 episodes of One Piece or so. If you like anime I’m absolutely certain you’ll love One Piece. Don’t be intimidated by the 800 episodes and still running though, the characters and plot more than make up for how many freaking episodes there are. I’m still at episode 196 -.-‘. Also I watched 500 days of Summer and I’m not okay.

Blogging wise, July was a pretty sh*tty month *sigh*. I’m 5 reviews behind and read 0 ARCs. My ratio can be heard wailing in the background. I will do better in August, promise.

Now on to books! July was a pretty good reading month for me. I participated in a readathon (in which I semi – failed) and read a total of *drum roll* 7 BOOKS! *cheers* Thank you, thank you.

The readathon in which I participated was a week long readathon named crashathon, in which the goal was to read 5 books. I managed to read 3 books and complete 3 challenges:

  1. Read a book with blue on the cover
  2. Read a book with LGBTQ+ characters or that focuses on diversity
  3. Read a book that you can finish in a day

I’m going to list the books I read according to rating; from lowest to highest  

#1 Pushing The Limits, by Katie McGarry




This was a DNF. I made it halfway through this until I couldn’t no more. I want to write such a long rant post but I still haven’t calmed enough to do it. Ugh, it was so OFFENSIVE and insensitive.

1/5 stars 





#2 By Your Side, by Kasie West



By Your Side was quick, sweet and entertaining, with a slow burn romance (like most of Kasie West’s books, as I start to understand). Also the anxiety rep was A+

3/5 stars

Read more of my thoughts!




#3 The Struggle, by Jennifer L Armentrout



The Struggle is the 3rd book in the Titan series (a spin off of the Covenant series). I felt like, unfortunately, it was not nearly as good as its predecessors. It felt more like a filler with major info dumping than an actual book. But it’s JLA so I enjoyed it #guilty

3/5 stars 




#4 The Fill – In Boyfriend, by Kasie West



Another Kasie West book? On the same month?? But Marianna weren’t you the one who said you don’t like Kasie West?? I’m sorry y’all but she’s growing on me. Her books are the perfect summery reads. I liked this one the most out of all the books I’ve read of hers! (Still working on the review, you may have noticed I’m a little…behind *gulp*)

3.25/5 stars 



#5 The Deal, by Elle Kennedy



I adored The Deal! The characters were amazing, the story was amazing EVERYTHING was amazing. Read it!

4/5 stars

Read my full thoughts here!





#6 The Sun Is Also A Star, by Nicola Yoon



I’m finally sort of catching up with the new releases (not really but let’s pretend). The Sun Is Also A Star was so good. Magical. It’s one of those books that stuck with and leave you contemplating your whole existence afterwards.

4.5/5 stars



#7 Aristotle and Dante Discover The Secrets of The Universe, by Benjamin Alire Sáenz



I DID! AFTER ALL THOSE YEARS I FINALLY READ IT! And it was SO GLORIOUS I’m still in shock tbh, I loved it so much. If I had to describe it using two words I’d say, poetry and nostalgia.

5/5 stars





That’s it! Those are the books I read in the month of July! I’m pretty pleased with myself and what I read. Apart from Pushing the Limits, everything else was on the decent/entertaining side, with the top being Ari and Dante my sweet boys of summer.

What did you read this month? Any new favourites, any disappointments? Comment down below and let me know! 🙂 



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