May Wrap Up! Procceed at your own risk

Hello friends!!!

Another month has come to an end (summer is here?!?!). and it was……pretty uneventful.

During May I managed to read…..



ONE (1) BOOK! 

You heard that correctly I read 1 whole book. I am such a LEGEND!

I’m not disappointed though, cause I know I can’t always be in the mood. Reading slumps exist, and unfortunately they visit me quite often. Anyway let’s see the book I read!


Forest of a Thousand Lanterns, by Julie C. Dao: FOATL is a retelling of the origin story of the Evil Queen. It is a very dark and twisted read that makes you root for the villain and sympathise with her struggles. What I liked the most is that even though I sympathised with Xifeng, I did not excuse her behaviour; yet I STILL liked her and wanted her to get what she wanted, and that is the element that in my opinion makes a villain story good: knowing that the villain is bad and still rooting for them.

I have a full spoilery free review up here for more feelings and thoughts!!!

TV Shows / Films

Reading wise May, may not have been the best, but it sure was a good month for my binge watching. Let’s take a look on what I watched during the month of May:

  • Doctor Strange (2016): In preparation for Infinity War I watched the last Marvel movie I had left. Doctor Strange was a pretty good movie. I wouldn’t put in my top Marvel films though.
  • Infinity War (2018): I AM DEATH. that’s all
  • The Kissing Booth (2018): The hype got to me. I’ve been seeing the Kissing Booth EVERYWHERE, so I decided to give it a go and it was not as bad as I expected.
  • She’s All That (1999): The thing with high school drama films is that they’re like chips: you can never have just one!!!! After finishing the Kissing Booth I craved more so here I am. This one was pretty average though and full of so many stereotypes I hate. The male MC’s acting skills which were missing, didn’t really help me like it.
  • Dear White People season 2: The second season aired during May and ofc I binge watched it in 2 days?!?!?! This second season was a liiiiiiiiiiittle bit less good than the first, but still pretty epic! If you haven’t started this show DO. IT!
  • Shameless season 7 (half): A couple of months ago I started season 7 and watched half of it. For some reason I left it, and this month I thought I’d continue and I got to say, season 7 has to be one of my favs!
  • La Casa de Papel season 1: Last but not least, La Casa de Papel! I’M SO GLAD I STARTED THIS SERIES BECAUSE IT IS SO GOOD AND IF YOU LOVE HEIST STORIES GO WATCH IT!!!!!!!!!

I went overboard this month oops. And then I wonder why I didn’t read more books. Figures.


As well as a reading slump, this month I also fell into a blogging slump which made me miss a lot of posts. However, I managed to post a few good ones:

That’s it for this month! How was your May? Are you satisfied with your reading? Any new favourite books? Let me know!

Until next time, happy reading! xxx

6 thoughts on “May Wrap Up! Procceed at your own risk

  1. Well you had a better month than me haha, I only read 3 books, BUT two of those I mostly read in April, and the third one was like 100 pages long haha ugh :S In june I’m reading more, if not I’ll hire someone to slap me every day xD

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