Spelling the Month in Books !

Hello everyone!!

How have you been? We’re reaching the end of 2020 at last 😬 So before the end of December I thought I’d do this fun post I came across on Elaine’s blog:

Spelling the Month in Books

Basically you take every letter in the month and give a book title that starts with said letter. So for December I will show you books starting with D, E, C, E, M, B, E, R. Why are there so many Es 😭

Let’s jump straight in the post!

D: Daisy Jones and the Six, by Taylor Jenkins Reid

I love this book a lot!! I totally recommend the audiobook: there’s a full cast of narrators and the fact the story has musical elements makes it perfect for listening!!


E: Emergency Contact by Mary H. K. Choi

I’m not going to lie: I did NOT like this book. But I understand why some people do and also I’ve read next to none books starting with an E so I didn’t have any other options lol.


C: Clap When You Land, by Elizabeth Acevedo

I feel like a broken record with the way I keep saying read this book read this book but for real READ THIS BOOK. Or better yet listen to it; another great audiobook choice if you’re looking for one!


E: End of Days, by Susan Ee

This is the third book in the Angelfall trilogy and if you haven’t read it already WHAT are you waiting for? It has to be one of the best – if not the best Angel books I’ve ever read. It’s dark, it’s twisted and the best enemies to lovers serve.


M: My Sister, the Serial Killer, by Oyinkan Braithwaite

I get this may not be the book for everyone and I accept that, but also it’s sort of one of my fav books I read in 2020 so 🤷‍♀️


B: the Black Flamingo, by Dean Atta

Is this cheating? It’s not cheating the article doesn’t count in the title. ANYWAY please please please read this poetry/novel I’m in love.


E: Eragon, by Christopher Paolini

You see I had to really scrap the barrel for this one (why so many Es???). I’m adding Eragon as an honorary mention because it is the first fantasy I read and I own it a lot.


R: Red, White & Royal Blue, by Casey McQuiston

THIS BOOK!!!!! Henry and Alex my two babies i would give my life for their happiness no questions asked. Royalty trope, enemies (sort of) to lovers, honestly these two can’t keep their hands of each other (why do I sound like fanfic tags)

Have you read the books? Have you tried Spelling the Month in Books yourselves? Share your posts!

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