One of Us Is Lying, by Karen M. McManus

I received this ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. A big thank you to the publisher for accepting my request.

Five 32571395high schoolers walk into detention. Only four walk out. Cooper the star athlete. Bronwyn the brains. Addy the it girl. Nate the criminal. And Simon the gossip. A crime with countless suspects and no leads. Who did it?

Did this catch your attention? Yes? Good. If you need more convincing on picking up  this mystery keep reading.

The book grips you from the very beginning. It is fast-paced and the events happen one after the other and leave you no time to even think of what happened. Each character has a point of view so we get the events from multiple perspectives and we are able to get inside their heads and learn a little bit more about them. But let’s meet them shall we?

Cooper: the golden boy baseball athlete wanted by the best universities. He is popular, he has an amazing and supportive, not to mention totally hot, girlfriend and his career only seems to be following one road and that is upwards. So why does he feel like he’s missing something?

Bronwyn: the smartest of them all ready to be accepted to Yale like the rest of her family. After all it’s a tradition. She can’t afford letting her father down. Not after everything he’s gone through to establish himself in the business field and the difficulties he’s faced as a Latino. She is the perfect example of a star pupil right?

Addy: the girl who always comes second. The one who never speaks up, the one who follows. She has an amazing, supportive boyfriend so what esle should she need?

Nate: the drug dealer. With an alcoholic father and an MIA mother there’s not much he can do to turn his luck-and fate- around. It’s not like he actually needs love right?

Simon: the outcast. He’s always been on the outside but by creating his gossip blog About That people at school seem to be afraid of him. Because he never post lies.

Tell the truth you’re sold right? RIGHT? What no? What if I told you all the main females are strong and independent? What if I told you there is latinx rep and lgbtq rep? Still nothing? Not even if I mentioned the amazing character development every character undergoes? Or the sibling bonding? Or the cutesy romance? Ok last chance. The book has the one and only trope that matters: young, troubled, beaten by fate, handsome boy who seems tough but has a heart of gold. Yeah I knew that would be the dealmaker.

I was highly anticipating this release and I’m so glad it lived up to my expectations! Read it.



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