A late December Wrap Up! ðŸŽ„

Hello everyone!!

Let’s ignore the fact we’re 7 days in January and I’m just now sitting down to write my December Wrap Up. How is everyone?? Happy new year!!! I wish everyone will have the best time in 2021 ❤

2020 is FINALLY over I almost can’t believe it. THIS CURSED YEAR IS BEHIND US! Not to say that with 2021 everything will magically disappear and fall into place but still a win is a win and should be celebrated. Let’s hear it for 2021 !!!!!!

Now let’s talk December. December was a not so great month for me; my grandpa died on the 22nd, so naturally I haven’t been in the best mood. But still I read some books I loved and watched some (a lot) kdramas and I once again realised that life goes on.

In other news I was bullied into listening to folklore and evermore by my twitter mutuals and now I’m obsessed so I guess THANK YOU GUYS.

You know the drill, first I talk about the books, then about series/films and lastly kdramas. Let’s go!


🎄 Falling For Her, by Monica Murphy: Uhm, I don’t have much to say about this book other than I expected nothing and I was still disappointed. I mean it’s a very typical story of popular guy falls for nerdy girl, it’s a recipe tried and tasted so what could go wrong right? Well, the author managed to screw it up so there’s that. I hated the writing style, the characters were flat and it was not enjoyable. This book actually made it to my Worst Books of 2020 list!! As I said a win is a win.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

🎄 Shadow of Night, by Deborah Harkness: I am not going to lie: I expected to dislike this book. It took me almost 2 years to pick it up for that reason alone; I didn’t like the change in setting (it’s the 2nd book so I’m trying to be vague but if you know you know). BUT, Shadow of Night managed to surpise me because I loved it for the very reason I thought I’d hate it! There’s definitely a lesson to be learned there. Loved it more than the 1st and I CANNOT wait for the end of the trilogy!!!!!

Rating: 4 out of 5.

🎄 Lady Midnight, by Cassandra Clare: *flashback to my past self saying “i am NEVER reading another shadowhunter book!!!!”* Well, it seems I lied to not just you but also to myself. Not only did I read another shadowhunter book but I became obsessed again 😥 Idk there’s something in CC’s stories that just has me on a chokehold.It may be the same story over and over but I can’t help myself what can you do. Mark Blackthorn this one is for you *crowd goes wild*

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

🎄 Monday’s Not Coming, by Tiffany D. Jackson: This author is seriously tasting my limits with her books in a good way. Her stories always make me so ANGRY for the injustices of this world and I guess that’s her goal so kudos. Monday’s story is a a story of loss, anger, suffering but also love and acceptance. I listened to the audiobook whick I 100% recommend; the narrator did an amazing job depicting the emotions of a teenage girl. Trigger warning: abuse, child abuse and neglect, death of a loved one, bullying, homophobia and slut shaming that’s never really addressed.

Rating: 4 out of 5.


🎄 I also read La Mare au Diable, by Georges Sand for my french exams; didn’t love it but I can’t do anything about it (story of my life)


🎥 Zodiac (2007): Give me all the serial killer content I am SCREAMING.

🎥 Romeo + Juliet (1996): Can I just say young Leonardo Di Caprio hits different? I loved everything about this film and found it extremely creative how they incorporated the original lines to a modern setting creating this feel of mockery for both the original text and also the modern world feuds and vendettas.

🎥 Lost In Translation (2003): I have a lot of words for this one. You supposedly make a film in Japan because you love the culture and the country and you want to showcase it. Okay fine. But then you make the two leads white, and you have them continuously mock the Japanese for their behaviour, speech, mannerisms and pronounciation of the english language. If you love a country and you think the way to show that is by being racist then i don’t know what to say. Every person who hyped this film up needs to give me a full refund.

🎥 #Alive (2020): Koreans really love their zombies I’m giving them that. It was a nice film to pass the time, enjoyable and suspensful. Perhaps I would have liked a bit more suspense but still enjoyed!

🎥 A California Christmas (2020): I want to state that I was duped! The title clearly says Christmas but there were zero Christmas vibes in the film. Literally did not sign up for this, a fraud.

🎥 Emma. (2020): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m an Anya Taylor- Joy enthusiast as of now. She protrayed Emma flawlessly. I loved the costumes, the setting and the overall cinematography 10/10 recommend.

🎥 Your Name Engraved Herein (2020): You know what, I really liked this film and I appreciate what it wants to say and it shows that the people working behind it knew what they were doing but ENOUGH WITH THE TRAGIC GAYS !!!! ENOUGH!!!!! I WANT SOME HAPPINESS. The bathroom scene and the beach scene broke my heart 😦

📺 A Discovery of Witches season 1: Mainly watched this so I can remember what is going on and read book 2 lol. Pretty good adaptation though!! I’m excited for season 2 which starts this week if I’m not mistaken.


📺 Tale of the Nine Tailed (2020): Oof the last episodes completely broke me. Solid fantasy, there were no boring episodes, action packed and THE BROMANCE BETWEEN YEON AND RANG 😭😭

📺 Graceful Friends (2020): So much potential WASTED. The first half has no reason being this boring, and the only interesting aspect is executed so badly. I really enjoyed the second half, but that too felt dragged out at times. Hard pass.

📺 The Spies Who Loved Me (2020): Why do they always disappoint me 😭 This started out good; a second chance romance with compelling leads and chemistry. And from episode 10 or so it all went downhill. The chemistry just dissipated for some reason, I couldn’t care less about the plot and it was plain boring. God knows how I managed to watched all episodes.

How was your December? Did you have fun? Read lots of books? Let me know of your favourite and least favourite reads!

9 thoughts on “A late December Wrap Up! ðŸŽ„

  1. I laughed when i read that CC’s books have you in a chokehold because that’s EXACTLY how I feel. I didn’t like the Dark Artifices story much, but I loved the characters (I am the crowd responding to your Mark Blackthorn comment 😅). Something about the Shadowhunters world keeps me coming back for more every time!! I loved Chain of Gold so much last year even if it is the same CC story with different characters.

    I was super hesitant to read Shadow of Night, but I think I’ll just do it before I watch the next season of the show since it didn’t turn out terribly for you. 😄 Hope you have a great January Marianna!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad we’re in this together at least 😂😂
      As for Shadow of Night I really liked it more than A Discovery of Witches! Some of the things I disliked in the first one were remedied in the second, like Matthew’s possessiveness and overall attitude which was kinda meh in ADOW and Diana’s responses; I find she has much more of a backbone in this sequel. Hope this helps somehow 😊
      Happy January to you too 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your Grandpa, I’m sending you all the positive vibes! ❤

    I've been wanting to watch Romeo + Juliet for the longest time since as you said… young Leo just hits differently! 😍 The final ep for Tale of the Nine Tailed was really emotional, especially since I cared more for the side characters rather than the main couple 😭 I want to watch The Spies Who Loved Me so hearing it went downhill made me reluctant now 😬

    Liked by 1 person

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